Made of French fabrics
Designed in NY
Made in JAPAN

Revive the desire,
Believe in raw beauty,
In harmony with your body,
Treasure your spirit.

Absolute indulgence
For yourself.


World’s finest Silk

Our products are exclusively made from silk satin fabrics by a French manufacturer, Perrin, which has been suppling the world’s finest silk and is located in Lyon, France, where silk originated. Their fabrics are soft, colorful, gorgeously thick and lustrous.

Woven with 95% silk and 5% polyurethane (spandex). Polyurethane, which is stretchy material, gives strength to the silk fabric, and also provides the softness and comfort to your skin.

Carefully handmade in Japan

“I would like to make lingerie which enlightens yourself and enriches your life with high quality fabrics.” -The designer of Basara, Kimiko Nakayama, launched the brand from the thought.

As we give top priority to the rich and smooth texture and beautiful appearances, all the items are sewed and tailored seamlessly both front and back side. Carefully hand-worked by a small factory in Japan.

Silk - the magic fabric

Our designer Kimiko says,

“Silk is the best fabric to enlighten yourself. As well as its skin-care ability, the exquisite feel of silk makes your body appear more attractive, making you acknowledge your own beauty.”

Basara takes responsibility for manufacturing. We proudly create and sell only what we would like to wear. We also pay close attention to sustainability and environmental impact. Thus, we choose silk, making women more beautiful by a natural protein fiber.

Silk is the most valuable and functional protein fiber. By absorbing sweat and release moisture (1.5 times faster than cotton), silk is cool and comfortable in summer and is warm in winter thanks to the air layer in the fiber. As the moisture keeps skin clean and suppresses bacterial growth, it is effective in preventing and treating dermatitis.

Silk and human collagen are made up of the similar amino-acid chain and, therefore, is hypoallergenic, friendly for sensitive skin.

Silk gently rubs and strokes skin and it has the effect of removing unnecessary keratin, pore dirt and polishing skin like a skin-care product.

Sericin is a natural polymer contained in silk. As if you apply a skin pack on all your body, the sericin penetrates into the skin and protects it from dryness. Moreover, sericin protects against ultraviolet radiation. Sericin therefore optimizes your skin condition.

Simple but confidence booster

“I would like people to enjoy lingerie just like they do with clothes. For that, I prioritize a simple design and follow a natural curve of the body for a comfortable fit. I am convinced that loving your own body boosts your self-esteem greatly.” our designer Kimiko thought.

Both front and back is sewed seamlessly by the same technique, which makes our products easier to coordinate with other items and chic as a fashion item.

In addition to lingerie, relaxing items such as long one-piece dresses, pants, gowns and other items are available.


Kimiko Nakayama is a freelance designer, living in New York. Kimiko graduated from ESMOD Paris, expertise in lingerie design, before working for one of the top-end lingerie manufacturers in Japan. She then moved back to Paris as a freelance designer, working with several renowned designers such as Emmanuelle Defaix in Lyon and Carine Gilson in Brussel. Kimiko’s work has been received positively and in a good variety ranging from accessories, lingerie to wedding dresses.
Fill your sink or tub with lukewarm water and add a hand washing detergent. Soak the lingerie and gently rub the fabric together to remove stains.
Rinse the lingerie in water until the water becomes clear. Take the lingerie out of the sink or tub and gently squeeze the water out of the fabric.
Lay the lingerie flat on a towel. Roll it up into the towel and press gently. Make sure not to twist or wring the garments as this would tear or damage its delicate silk.
Always hang the lingerie in shade using a clothing hanger. Try not to use clothespins as they would leave pinch marks on it.



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